In Memory of Adam Powell aka zer0zer0one - All proceeds go to supporting his son.
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About us

You can learn more about the legacy of Adam Powell aka zer0zer0one at His music was ahead of the scene and appreciated by everyone who heard it. He was a genius in electronic sampled music and his last album was made entirely of samples he created. He had just completed the first "acceptable" album (in his mind) and had it ready to go out for mastering and publishing when he was taken from us. We are continuing his legacy by offering his clothing line and music for all to enjoy. 


All proceeds from this website go to support his son, Cohen Audio, who was his best buddy and greatest worldly delight. They Loved, loved, loved, loved each other so much. We only want to make sure Cohen never forgets that and help others find out what a genius Adam was. Everything on this site has something to do with his life, his work, or his vocations.